Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rules of Revaluiation from VTU site

Here we bring you rules of revaluation as per VTU website in brief. The rules are as follows:

A candidate can apply for revaluation of the answer scripts within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of results. The answer scripts, which are to be sent for revaluation, will be given new code numbers and masking the markings made by the Ist examiner, revaluation will be carried out.

  • If the re-valuation marks are less than the original marks, then the original marks shall be retained.
  • The candidate is given the benefit of the revaluation marks in full if the difference between the original marks and re-valuation marks is 5% or within 5% of the maximum marks.
  • When the difference between the original marks and the re-valuation marks is above 5 and equal to or below 15 of the maximum marks, the first five marks are given in full and only 50% of the remaining excess marks will be added to the marks of the candidate. Any fraction of a number is rounded to the next full integer.
  • The average of the marks of nearest two valuations shall be considered as the marks secured by the candidate. However, if one of the three marks falls exactly midway between the other two, then the higher two marks shall be taken for averaging. If there is any change in the marks after the revaluation, corrected statement of marks card shall be issued to the candidate.


Photocopy of the script will be supplied within 4 weeks after the receipt of the application at the Regional Office. The candidate, if he / she wants, can apply for retotalling and or revaluation within three days from the date of obtaining the photocopy of the answer script.

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